Red Pages Theoretical Journal

Founding Statement of the MCU
The Maoist Communist Union is an organization of comrades committed
to advancing the principles of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in the struggle for revolution in the United States. This struggle is part of the larger international communist movement. Our formation has been informed by years of experiences laying the foundation for a revolutionary party in the United States, including the experiences of the Mass Proletariat organization from which a number of our members hail.

One of the key lessons we have learned from our experiences is the importance of grasping the principles of united front work. In pursuing this work, and building relevant organizations in turn, we have sharpened our understanding of the essential role played by communist revolutionaries in mass struggles. These experiences have also
shown the need to continuously study the lessons of revolutionary theory and of revolutionary history.

Our work building resistance while simultaneously creating a leading core of revolutionaries has not been a smooth process. It has required us to further our understanding of the dialectical relationship between theory and practice, and the relationship between political development and involvement in struggle. In the process we have improved our understanding of various class forces.
The moment of our founding marks a tremendous growth in the objective factors for revolutionary advance internationally and in the United States—where the ruling class is increasingly divided over how to maintain its imperialist rule and dominance.

At the same time, the subjective factors for the people’s advance in the United States, namely the existence of principled revolutionary organization and cadres, remains at a low level. It is our duty to transform this situation.

As part of our founding we are announcing the launch of our theoretical journal Red Pages. In addition we welcome individuals and organizations—including those from different political backgrounds—from near and afar to engage in theoretical exchange and debate with us.

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win,

November 23rd, 2020

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